The most powerful fins ever

Unbeatable thrust with a really comfy foot pocket and lateral rails that stick you to the wave like a train on its rails!  Improve your wave count and have much more fun with a sturdy fin. Built to last!

About LeblonFins


Blade starts next to the foot pocket

LeblonFins’ powerful, innovative blade starts next to the foot pocket and measures 14 inches long, being 8 inches in front of the foot pocket and 6 on each side. It is designed to maximize energy conversion on thrust with minimum effort.


Improved hydrodynamics

Gain much more responsiveness through your maneuvers with our patent-pending innovation: lateral rails completely separated from the foot pocket, allowing the water to flow between them, eliminating drag.


Rails for thrust and drive

High lateral rails on the top and bottom keep water from spilling off the outer edges of the fin, creating even more thrust per up and down kick. LeblonFins stick you to the face of the wave like the thruster fins set up on surfboards.

Approved by Bodysurfers from all around the globe

The stiff blade offers a very responsive kick, and provides the most powerful thrust I've ever found in a pair of fins, nothing compares!  The rails are even more amazing because while riding the wave they help you stick to the face anytime and you can easily draw your line. The foot pocket is really comfy and the drain holes are in the right place so the sand and little rocks never stay inside.

Joël Badina, France

LeblonFins are perfect for every type of wave: In big and fast waves, the side rails provide great stability and speed, without loosing the surf line. But they are also great for small waves. The propulsion generated by these fins enable you to surf even the smallest waves. They have a very comfortable foot pocket, stiff lateral rails and a bigger blade than all other fins on the market. Wonderful fins!!!

Paulo Pilleggi, Brazil

My average bodysurfer review is they are dope. Crazy amount of thrust with a high level of foot pocket comfort. Like if the three best deep water bodysurfing fins available up to now had a baby it would be this fin. It feels like kind of the best aspects of each of them. They like a big kick like all those other three but it feels like kind of the best aspects of each of them. They totally deliver.

Brady Setzer, USA

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