All models allow you to employ the old flutter. But it's the FLEX that stands out on this kick, propelling you faster with less effort than any other fin! And with superior comfort. 😊

But definitely, it's either with the Fish or Dolphin Kick that the Original and PRO models stand out. These models maximize into your kick, the energy that comes from your core and enables much lower power consumption while delivering much more thrust. We recommend a slower kick with a smaller amplitude.

If you have the habit of swimming and catching wave using the flutter kick, it might be interesting to spend some time working on these drills.

This first drill mix Breaststroke with Dolphin Kick. Breaststroke even with great technique is by far the least efficient. But when used in surfing (as shown here), allow you to maximize the time spent in a streamlined position, and with dolphin kicks using LeblonFins, it becomes VERY efficient.

The formula "One-up-six(to eight)-down" drill it's fantastic. You will see how fast can be when paddling into a wave.

Start as shown in the video, without seeking speed. The video below shows a Fish Kick drill with only one arm standing in the streamline position.
It is very important to keep the head connected to the shoulder and avoid swinging the arm.

Once you discover the benefits that can come with changing the old-fashioned kicking habit, it will be easier to make the transition. And when you feel these benefits, as we said, there will be no way back.

Give it a try and let us know how it goes.😉


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