High-speed negative drills for Hypoxic - CO2 training

High-speed negative drills for Hypoxic - CO2 training for High Performance Bodysurfing.

Tolerating high levels of CO2 can be hard and uncomfortable, so training for high CO2 and low O2 tolerance is an essential part of our High Performance Bodysurfing program.

But here is a serious warning:

All our posts are not intended to serve as a guide for people of any level of fitness  or knowlodge. They are all informative only in order to share a little of what we are doing and do not suggest or advise anyone to do the same. All of these exercises are life-threatening.

All drills start from inertia, inside the water.

Drill Length    Interval     Repetitions

      50                 60               1

      50                 55               1

      50                 50               1

      25                 60               2

     25                  55               2

1. The first three 50 meters drills began at 2 m (7 feet) at surface for the first 30 meters. The lungs would be about 84% of normal size. At 30 meters the pool is 5.2 m (about 17 feet) at surface, your lungs will be 66% of normal size (if it was not for the blood shift to the core).

2. The next 25 meters drills are done with 4 kilos weights on each ankle and the “LeblonFins Dragger” ( that add an enormous amount of drag). Is vital to pay attention to the bottom and wall, to avoid an injury.

The first 10 meters are done at 2 m (7 feet) at the surface. The next 5 meters are in 5.2 m (about 17 feet) at the surface, and the last ten is again at 2 meters.

Alternatively, we include underwater spinner at the bottom of the pit, at the beginning of 50 mts drill. Also, air may be expelled at this moment.

 Although we love our other pool, we also train in this other one that soon will undergoing a major makeover, but that is the only one in the neighbourhood that offers such deep.


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