LeblonFins’ bodysurfer qualifies Brazil for the Finswimming World Championship

JSC Mauricio, Bruno Frazão, Julio Galofren and Moises Marrugo

LeblonFins’ progressive bodysurfing team takes speed seriously. After facing the Beast of Guanabara Bay, we accepted another challenge: bodysurfing at the National Speed Finswimming Competition in Cartagena del Mar – Colombia against some of the fastest humans on the planet in the water—faster than Phelps and Cesar Cielo, the Olympic champions!

Its sounds wird but thats is exactly what means. We use to say that, we finswimming on the wave line and bodysurfing on the pool. 😀 So we accepted the challenge and headed to Colombia.😀

As a selection for the World Finswimming Championships in the Servia 2018, the contest counted on Pan-American and South American world record holders. The LeblonsFin team excitedly accepted the adrenaline rush of challenging these top-notch swimmers.

Finswimming is a modality of swimming that uses regular flippers and the huge monofins and has become the new sensation in Europe because of the incredible speed achieved With  the monofins they are up to 50% faster than the current Olympic records of conventional swimming and are being called the Formula 1 of swimming!

Finswimming It's just one modality of our bodysurfing mixed modality training and we take it really seriously, training hard in each modality. LeblonFins pack a speed of a monofin into a bi-fins (the way they call regular flippers). A couple weeks before the contest JSC Mauricio shared a video of our bodysurfers reaching impressive speeds underwater, into an international group of finswimming coaches on WhatsApp. Days later he was invited by CMAS (the world governing authority for finswimming) to take LeblonFins bodysurfers to represent de debut of Brazil in the international finswimming circuit.

Brazil had never participated in a finswimming competition before. Actually, LeblonFins is the first and only finswimming team in Brazil, and with no experience in competitions, which added a little more flavor to the challenge.

With the support of YachtAid Global we were able to fly to Colombia and put our team to the test in the competition. And last weekend the 29-year-old bodysurfer from Rio de Janeiro, Sports Science instructor Bruno Frazão,  won silver medals in the 50 and 100 meter free style with bi-fins (regular flippers) and the coach JSC Mauricio take home one silver medal for the team.

This was Brazil/LeblonFins’ outstanding debut on this modality’s international circuit of and guaranteed the team a place in the world championships in Servia in 2018.

A feat to put Brazil and LeblonFins into the history of this sport!

But more than anything, this bodysurfing has started to attract the attention of hundreds of coaches and dozen of thousands of finswimming practitioners who have enormous potential for bodysurfing and just do not know about finswimming’s existence. Bringing this talented and super-fit group of watermen and waterwomen into the world of bodysurfing is an old goal of JSC Mauricio’s, LeblonFins’ team coordinator and founder of the Facebook group Finswimmers meet Bodysurfers.

JSC Mauricio says that another benefit is that into finswimming there are lots of bodysurfing related product manufacturers that have no idea about the existence of bodysurfing! These companies can profit from supporting and investing in bodysurfing as bodysurfing companies can also benefit by getting into the finswimming universe.

It’s a win win situation.

Bruno Frazão said, “The finswimming is just part of our Progressive Bodysurfing training that takes place at Botafogo F.R. in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. When JSC told us about the invitation, we thought it was a joke. We had never participated in any competition and facing a selective to the World Cup was unthinkable. When we realized that he was serious, I confess that I was frightened of the responsibility to defend the Brazilian flag without ever having participated in any contests of this modality. Conquering these two silver medals was wonderful and made me very enthusiastic about the possibility of participating in the World Cup.” 





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