LeblonFins team competing in the Colombia National Finswimming Championship


The LeblonFins Progressive Bodysurfing & Finswimming Project conducted in partnership with in Botafogo F. R in Mourisco facilities in Rio de Janeiro, 

has been gaining more and more recognition from the international community of finswimming. Our finswimmers are invited to represent Brasilin the in COLOMBIA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY AND  INTERCLUBES  SPEED CHAMPIONSHIP in October 2017 in the Aquatic Complex "Jaime González Johnson" Villa Olímpica - Cartagena Bolivar

This National Championship is qualifying to the World Finwimming Championships of  2018 in Belgrade - Serbia!

This is one of the most important events of the Colombian Federation of Underwater Activities FEDECAS. Colombians finswimmers figure between the stroggest in the world. Getting to the podium it will certainly be a huge challenge for our athletes.

This oficial invitation is a recognition of the challenges faced to encourage the development of this modality not only in Brazil, but also in the continent.

Our athletes, although participating as guests under the banner of FEDECAS, will represent the long-awaited entry of Brazil in the World Finswimming circuit.



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