The fusion of finswimming and bodysurfing

Finswimming is an individual sport discipline with competition at international level. Top fin swimmers reach almost twice the speed of Olympics record holders by using special fins and undulatory body movement that ends in a dolphin kick (without arm strokes).

Bodysurfers have always dreamt about getting into waves as fast as surfers with their surfboards and those with more progressive vision, wonder about being able to stay well ahead of the wave foam.

The drastic reduction in frontal drag and better energy efficience, that allows the finswimmers performance has now been brought to bodysurfing and people start to realize that a whole new world of possibilities is opening up. 

Check out the following videos to see what we are talking about. In the first, the marvelous Russian finswimmer Pavel Kabanov sets the world record for 50 meters apnea at a stunning 13.85 sec (CMAS 2015). Just to put this into relation> The current world record in men´s freestyle long course (50 meters) is 20.91 seconds and has been established almost a decade ago. 

The second video shows Mauricio Fernandez ascend vertically at breakneck speed. Can you you imagine what could you do in the line up if you mastered this technique?  Maybe leave far behind all the surfers and their boards and finally have your fair share of waves?

Who's the winner in 25 meters race: bodyboarder or bodysurfer.

There is no more reason to content yourself with the leftover waves from surfers or body boarders. 😤😠

Now with LeblonFins bodysurfers and the rigth technique they can own the wave's priority on the lineup and catch whatever waves they want. 

The transformation of bodysurfing has already started. Mark Drewelow is pushing the limits of the sport and becoming one of the best known bodysurfers. His bodysurfing session are filmed regularly by the talented videographer Jacuzzisurfer, in order to be later analaysed. The video below shows Marks early attempt in apply finswimming technique to bodysurfing. (Follow Mark at Instagram (@seasidebodysufer and Jacuzzisurfers Youtube Channel to see more).

The Dragger's enormous buoyancy forces the core to work heavy so as to keep the body in the streamiline position. If you lose momentum, it will get you up very fast.At LeblonFins special training for bodysurfing, our team riders use to work on this set up: LeblonFins Pro (that is a high demanding fin) on your feet, a couple kilos on each leg, and holding the Dragger in a streamline position and run several 25 meters drills.  Sometimes you can hold you arms and head out of the proper streamline position, just to add even more drag.Resting time is dictated by the heart beatIt is an important training for those who often have to cross under several waves in a row before arriving from point A to point B.It's a very heavy training, only for people in great shape. Especially cardio. Do not attempt this without permission from your cardiologist.Never attempt this where there is no emergency aid and proper