"Twice the power, ten times the fun"

LebonFins are becoming the favorite fins of experienced watermen from all around the globe. Check out their reviews.        

"The stiff blade offers a very responsive kick, and provides the most powerful thrust I've ever found in a pair of fins, nothing compares!

The rails are even more amazing because while riding the wave they help you stick to the face anytime and you can easily draw your line. I could feel it on the very first try, and it works wonderfully on heavy hollow waves like Pipeline, definitely the right weapons to face this beast...

The foot pocket is really comfy and the drain holes are in the right place so the sand and little rocks never stay inside.

At last, the LeblonFins are perfect to use underwater, using the dolphin kick style, to make long and deep underwater take offs or simply move forward and make it out to the peak.

LeblonFins are my new favorites, in small or big waves. Thanks Mauricio for creating these beauties, ALOHA."


Joël Badina -  Bodysurfer & Lifeguard from Anglet, France who has been bodysurfing waves like Pipeline, Point Panic, Wedge, Nazare and Hossegor. He has been French Bodysurfing Champion and won the 3rd place in his category at the 2016 World Bodysurfing Championships at Oceanside Pier, California.  Joël is also one of the bodysurfers in the first European Bodysurfing movie Les Palmes & Le Couteau / Instagram: @jbadina

"Twice the power, ten times the fun.

LeblonFins provide thrust on both the up and down stroke, essentially double the power of most fins.

They are comfortable and liners or booties are not required.

LeblonFins allow me to do things on a wave that I thought were impossible. They are a race car and all others are a beach buggy. "

Captain Mark Drewelow is a well respected waterman from Encinitas, California and a fantastic bodysurfer. He conquered 4ht place at Itacoa Bodysurfing Legends 2016, an international competition in Itacoatiara Brazil, one of the heaviest beach brakes of the world. Mark is becoming a global reference due to his wonderful performance in underwater bodysurfing, mixing Finswimming with Bodysurfing. Instagram @seasidebodysurfer / Video by Jacuzzisurfer (Check out his  Youtube Channel )

"Absurd propulsion, comfortable foot pocket, a rigid blade and rails that really stick you to the wave. In all aspects that I deem important for bodysurfing they are superior to all the fins I have ever used. They are really designed for the bodysurfers´ performance and comfort and enable you to take bodysurfing to a new level."

Ricardo Marques

Ricardo is a long time bodysurfer from Rio de Janeiro who is also passionate about bodysurfing gear. He has experimented so many bodysurfing fins and handplanes and engaged about in discussions about them that you can really call him a ¨finnerd¨. Instagram @ ricardomarques_cadao

"My average Bodysurfer review is they are dope. Crazy amount of thrust with a high level of foot pocket comfort. Like if the three best deep water bodysurfing fins available up to now had a baby it would be this fin. They like a big kick like all those other three but it feels like kind of the best aspects of each of them. They totally deliver."

Brady Setzer

Brady is a self declared whomp addict living on Maui, Hawaii. He is also a collector of fins and expert on bodysurfing gear. He is very active on Social Media and runs the awesome Instagram feed @we_bodysurfers connecting bodysurfers worldwide. Check out also his Instagram @barrels.for.brady 

"I have never used any fins that develop such performances, incredible!!! LeblonFins are perfect for every type of wave: In big and fast waves, the side rails provide great stability and speed, without loosing the surf line. But they are also great for small waves. Believe me, the propulsion generated by these fins enable you to surf even the smallest waves (really small ones). They have a very comfortable foot pocket, stiff lateral rails and a bigger blade than all other fins on the market. Wonderful fins!!! I am sure you will like them, too. Stay stoked! "

Paulo Pilleggi, is a real waterman and an experienced bodysurfer from Florianopolis/ Brazil. He is strongly committed to the improvement of his own performance and always willing to go deeper in the bodysurfing experience. Whether you like to exchange information about the sport or just share experiences, he is the right person. In addition he always brings good vibrations. lnstagram @pilleggi / Foto: Marcelo Castro  @camelostsurfphotos

"This fin is revolutionary. It is the first good idea that happens to this industry since the 50s or 60s. It is really different. It provides a phenomenal propulsion. The surface of the propeller blade is absurd and pushes a lot of water. And it does not require a lot of effort. The design of the lateral rails let the water flow without creating drag. So cool. The foot pocket is also really comfortable. "

Luiz Antonio Pereira A long time passionate bodysurfer from Rio de Janeiro/ Brazil who has surfed in the four corners of the earth.  Luiz is well known as an authority when it comes to fins and has worked for one of the largest diving gear company in Brazil. He is considered an important influencer with in the brazilian bodysurfing community. Luiz Antonio is also a co-administrator of one of the largest bodysurfing social network group in the world, today ( Surfe de Peito and Handsurf). Instagram @laperted

Take your bodysurfing to the next level

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