The propelling blade.




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powerful floating blade measures 14 inches long, being 8 inches in front of the foot pocket and 6 inches on each side! It is designed to provide you with maximum propulsion and the fastest prolonged speed with minimum effort.

Excellent buoyancy in both saltwater and freshwater

The blade’s reaction under the pressure of the wave will impress you. It offers a wonderful rebound and won’t let you down when you need it most! On the contrary, instead of simply bending and loosing propulsion it will propel you on every deflection.

The LeblonFins's project was inspired by large finswimming blades that enable these athletes to swim even faster than swimming world record holders at their maximum speed.

Extending the propulsive surface to the sides of the foot pocket, the thrust ability is immensely increased while the stress on the heel, instep tendons and calf is reduced.

Due to the high buoyancy of the floating version

With LeblonFins you can use the powerful finswimming swimm style to bodysurfing. But if you choose to use another swimming style, you will also notice an huge increase of speed in comparison to any other surfing fins. The blade's lateral rails keep water from spilling off the outer edges of the fin, creating, thus, more thrust per kick.