LeblonFins Flex

LeblonFins Flex

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The FLEX provides more thrust and drive than any other fin and it requires less effort.
Its flexible compound allows the propeller blade and rails to bend and its buoyancy helps your body streamline and reduces drag. 

For many bodysurfers and matsurfers the FLEX is perfect to get started into the LeblonFins experience. It doesn´t require a high level of fitness and no transition is needed to get used to them. The foot pocket is comfortable and fits like a rubber sock. We predict that the FLEX will take your bodysurfing to the next level immediately. Catch more wave and have more fun.

ALERT: The combination of high comfort and power and reduced effort, will make you want to stay in the ocean for hours.

If you desire even more power, check the ORIGINAL and PRO versions.


Customer Reviews

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Tried The Rest... Now I Have The Best

Before deciding on my first pair of Voit Duck Feet, I read countless reviews and online articles. Not long after that, a pair of DaFins showed up in my surf bag. Thinking I was done buying fins, I quit looking. Well, intentionally, anyway. Then somehow I happened across Leblon Fins. I saw an ad on UKMatSurfers.com for a pair of the Leblon "Original" model and was intrigued by the design.The more I read about them the more I had to see for myself if they really worked as well as the reviews were saying. I had to have a pair. But couldn't decide between the Flex Model and the Originals. Leblon recommended the Flex Model for those "new to the Leblon experience" due to the Originals extra stiffness which they said required a getting used to period, also mentioning they could be just too stiff for some.

Now what do I do? I want the Originals but don't want to find out I can't handle them. Or do I take the recommendation of the Leblon folks and order a pair of the Flex Model. Oh....wait a minute. They have a 10 day return policy. There you go, that settles it. I order a pair of each in size large.

I am a size 10.5 with a super wide toe box. The large were a tiny bit loose on my feet until I put my fin socks on. Then they were PERFECT! The foot pocket on these Leblons is one of the most, if not THE most comfortable foot pockets I have ever worn.

So now for the real test. How do they work? Simply put, these are some powerful fins. I didn't have to think too hard if these fins felt different. With only a few kicks, the difference in propulsion between these and my other fins was obvious. Getting out into the lineup, and getting into the waves earlier was a new experience with my new Leblon Originals. And the kicker was that my wife, Kathy, watching from the beach, could tell how well the fins worked for me.

After two hours was I sore? Yes, a little, mostly on my ankles. But it was a good sore...

Fantastic fins

The size of the find I purchased are mediums and they are a little snug so I can eliminate socks or booties. The pocket is so comfortable that I can surf in comfort without blisters from the find binding my feet. Really stoked about leblons

Great Fins!

These are my second pair of Leblon Fins. I really like how much power you get! I'm the only one in Oahu Hawaii that I know of that rocks these bad ass fins in the line up! Aloha!
Kahanalu Hawaii!
Nate Gomes

Serious kicks

These are quite heavy & large compared to my MS Vipers I’ve been using. I’ve tried Da Fin (uncomfortable), Dmc Repellors (broke two after a few sessions), kicks (not strong enough for hand boarding). Leblons provide great forward movement. They also seem to wag from the front of my foot, (I wear a size 11 to 11 1/2) making them a bit awkward when standing and moving in the shallows. The largeness however goes away when I’m kicking. Comfy fins! A great choice for specific conditions.

Great fins

Like the design, even though my foot falls in between sizes. They work remarkably well, generating great torque.