LeblonFins Original

LeblonFins Original

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This is the ORIGINAL version of LeblonFins. It has an extremly comfortable foot pocket and its stunning propulsion has been boosted by social networks and bodysurfing spots all around the world.

The stiff blade doesn´t bend easily, offering astonishing deflexion ability. The responsive kick and extremely powerful thrust makes it perfect to catch every kind of wave or to push the limits in a contest or in big surf.

Recommended for bodysurfing, rescue, lifesaving, and finswimming.

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Night and day level of thrust compared to what you've grown used to.

I've used my fair share of swim fins (Churchill Makapuus, Slashers, DaFins, Voit Duck Feet, Viper V-5s, etc.) and these definitely produced the biggest shock factor when first kicking around with them. While the level of ankle/leg fatigue from 15 minutes of use is definitely increased, the amount of propulsion generated from a few short kicks is incredible. I spent a day in 3-4' sets switching between my Leblons and DaFins and couldn't stop commenting on how the DaFins felt laughably flexible and weak after using Leblons for awhile. A strong dolphin kick with these was allowing me to enter a wave ~3-5 yards sooner than with the Dafins. creating for some special lines.

A quick warning - don't overestimate your leg strength or experience level when choosing these. I am rocking the Originals and could barely see myself moving up to the Pros (and quite honestly wonder if the Flex line would have been more appropriate). That being said, no regrets at all with my purchase. I will likely get another pair of these in a size up to accommodate for booties in the winter season.

They run big

The fins are great but they definitely run bigger than I thought

stay higher on the wall, get a lot of speed, discover new possibilities

Here is my feed back for the Original model.

First I've been training in a pool for getting use to it for a while.
It's stiff but if you are used to DaFins for example, it's not so challenging.

The Medium size fits ok for my 9 us, it was a bit narrow in the beginning but is becoming better with time(I have slim arched foot) now I feel comfortable like at home.

Today was a perfect day here so i was finally able to try the fins in perfect glassy conditions.

I give it a 5*, it's really powerfull and it gives you ability to drive high on the wall and keep differents trajectories, resulting in maximum speed and longer runs

To make it simple, with another fins I feel I'm "falling" down the curl (with style sometimes)
with my Leblonfins I feel I drive !!!
And I can't notice any dragging in the surf, just a lot of drive and speed.

I would really recommand these fins to everyone used to finswimming and good shape, if less in shape, perhaps the flex model suit better

I'm so happy I got this fins , thank you jsc Mauricio making this possible, I hope oneday we can find leblonfins in all surfshops.

Cheers from Hossegor area, southwest of France

Jerome Blanchard

Great push / takeoff

I normally wear a 8/8.5 shoe normal width. The tow box was a bit narrow, but may fit better with more usage. Great push and takeoff. Could tell a difference almost immediately from my other fins while body surfing a large NE storm swell we commonly get in NE Florida. Maybe add a bit of padding (could be very thin) to the top of the foot casing for added comfort? I’m usually in the water for hours at a time. Again, may fitt better with time but, I did blister on my first few usages. This was never a problem with my vipers. But as far a performance is concerned, head and shoulders better than any fin I’ve used for body surfing.

St Augustine Beach Florida

Big blade, big power

These are big fins, and that means A LOT of power. I definitely wouldn't recommend them for someone starting out - your legs will not thank you for it. These are for those bodysurfers that have put in some serious fin time already. They take a bit of getting used to and I think will come good after some more time wearing them. I am yet to figure out the best conditions for them, but I am stoked to have them in my fin quiver - I can see them being really good in big days, getting into a wave early and hold the face with the bilateral rails - this could be a bit of a game changer. They are well made and the design has been thought through well. Glad to have them! 4* as I haven't had enough use yet to give a full 5* (long delays on shipping and then delivery - but that might just be cause I am in the UK).

Thanks for the review. Totally agreed, the Original is demanding. We recommend LeblonFins Flex for most bodysurfers who are starting out with LeblonFins. They are more flexible and demand less leg strength than the Original. :)